July 11, 2010

sewing room

Back around 1976 I had a greenhouse /flower shop attached to our home. Mr.T built it so it was well built.We knew at some point we would turn the greenhouse into a family room and we did.
This room is between the main house and the garage.It is one story and 4 steps down from the main house.
Fast forward to empty nest time.All the children and the foster children are grown and on their own.
It was still a family room but only Mr.T used it for watching tv.

Over the years we have had doors to separate the area from the area where the dogs live.We have taken down walls and put them back. We have taken out a large landing and put in spiral steps.
This spring we put back the wall because of the pet hair.Lets face it when you have pets you have pet hair.
No matter how often you sweep there is still that hair. Shelties are very hairy!!
I do not want pet hair on my fabric----so up went a new wall.
I love the way they(the dogs) can look through the glass and see me while I work.
I happened( after all I love to repurpose) to have windows to fit the top of the wall to allow light into the dog space.

After the floods of 1998 I moved my sewing from the basement upstairs.Trying many places.

That just does not work for me.I can not stand to have fabric and everything it takes to make dolls and quilts in my dining room, extra bedroom or computer room.
I need my things to be where they are supposed to be.When I sew I make a mess and need that mess until I am done with the project.

I took back the greenhouse/family room for my own again.I started back in Feb.
The tv is still there and the recliner in one small area.Mr.T can go there when he wants to watch his programs(nascar)
I will be able to do my sewing during the day and leave it to do other things and go back to it.

I made an ironing table today.Using an old table cloth of my MIL to cover the batting and board.

We hung an extra kitchen cupboard Mr.T. did not need for his work shop.I took off the doors and will paint it and the wall behind at some point.

As you can see the cupboard base is now the base for the ironing table.I have a sewing machine,in a cabinet, to fill in that space

Some where on line I saw the idea to use a baby crib as a cutting table. I had dolls in this one for years.It is not a full size crib.A 2x4 piece of plywood works perfect for the top. Mr.T. added blocks of wood to make both ends the same height. It has storage and the cutting rulers stand up in between the rails

I have wanted to move this cupboard from the living room for a long time and finally found the perfect place.

You can see my old girl,Penny, laying by the door looking in.
There is still a lot to do but we are making progress.

If you are feeling sorry for Mr.T. I gave him the back bedroom for his stuff!Computer, books ,papers all the things he likes to PILE.

He is great at building and fixing,the man can do anything, but any flat surface is fair game for him to pile things on.
Good thing is I can shut both doors to that bedroom ---no more piles of stuff.
The weeks are flying by.Over half the year is gone. I am thankful for each day.
I hope you all have a great week.

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Whimcees said...


How wonderful to have a room of your own to work without having to pick up or put away! Your Mr. T sounds like a great guy and he does deserve his own room to pile things up in. :<)

My brother also had trouble with deer in their area. I helped my oldest son put in a small garden at the group home where he lives and the very next day he called and said the rabbits had eaten all the plants - even the marigolds around the garden meant to keep them away! Had to replant and this time added a rabbit fence - what a big job to dig the trench, etc. But it's growing nicely. Whrn I took him home on Sunday there was a huge rabbit (house cat size) sitting next to the fence looking in at the garden. Too bad buddy - you had your day! :<)

Wishing you a good week!

Barbara Diane