May 15, 2016


The Japanese maple is beautiful this year.

Japanese Maple

 flowers are blooming all around the yard.
Snowball bush

The columbine self seeded and is beautiful

 I love the front fountain. So soothing when sitting on the porch.

wild columbine in back garden

First year for the fern peonies blooming 

I love having cut flowers in the house.New cup from the Kuiper family for Mothers day.

It was a really good birthday. Cake,flowers and take out Chinese from Chung Garden.(no cooking)
Call from Josh.
Becky,Cam and Matt--- thanks for moving the block.Saved my back.
Dan--- thanks for the new Ipad. It has taken me 15 years to figure out the pc. Hope I can figure out the Ipad in a few weeks.
I am blessed.

Oh my----- Cam is taller than I am. And he has his driving permit.
Getting Mr.T. to take a picture was so funny. Have a great week.j

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