November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving and more

We have been busy. Family has been here for meals and staying over for more celebration with others.
I really over did it with food but we like leftovers and that means I won't have to cook for a while. Best Turkey gravy I ever made. Forgot to take a picture of the desserts.

 We had feathered friends and a rodent that likes to steal the bird food.

I bought some embroidered dish towels at a craft show and made an apron out of one. So cute. 

The last picture is of our fresh tree. I have put a real tree out in the back patio.I love seeing it,it can stay till spring and the birds love it. Of course we had our first snow and it was a very pretty snow.
No wind and really big flakes. Love the pretty snow.I'll do a bit more decorating outside then I'll share. Have a great week. j

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