October 1, 2015

Computer crash.

Well after 15 years it finally happened. My personal computer crashed and I lost everything. For friends that read this and send me e-mails please send me an e-mail so I can again have your address.
It is really frustrating all my downloads and book marks are gone too.
Well such is life,
I'll just have to start over.
We have finally come to the end of the garden produce. Beets will be processed this week. Carrots are washed, sealed in vacuum bags and stored. Learned they can be stored up to 3 months in the refrigerator.
The tomato crop was amazing.I lost track of how many QT.'s of juice we froze. We did another batch of salsa only because we had more peppers and tomatoes. Altogether 39 pints of salsa.
This sink of tomatoes is the remaining fruit on that one plant.We picked over 55 tomatoes,off this one plant, before we pulled it up. There were tomatoes from the size of a ping pong ball to the baseball size.
That does not include all that we picked before. Just this last picking. I know hard to believe. I wish now I have taken a picture of it. Oh well there is always next year. Big beef tomatoes have been the best producers we have had. The only kind we plant. Our 2 pepper plants didn't do to bad. There are a few more we will pick before frost.

We had removed all the other tomato plants except one before we went up to the Spencer fair. have a great weekend.j

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