September 9, 2014

Catching up with you all.

 I have kept busy the last couple of weeks.

This quilt is for my bed and I am so happy with how it turned out.I have been saving the fabrics for some time and finally found 2 more blues that were just right.The outside blue border I have had that fabric since 1990.


Triangle frenzy is the red white and blue table topper. The X's and O's are from Christmas fabric I had on hand.The 2nd is from the scraps from the first one. I love scraps.

 I saw the pumpkin and the table topper on pinterest and decided to try to make them.I am happy with how they turned out
 Tomatoes are really good this year.The best I have ever grown.The ones on the plate that are green and blemished are from the plant I bought. The others are the ones I grew from seed.

 I played with dolls too.Painted some faces.

Justine worked on making a bear the last 2 weeks we got together. She did a great job. I enjoy teaching her sewing.
She got a blue and purple ribbon at the Franklin Co. fair and a blue ribbon at the state fair for her dolls and dresses.She also got an award for best stitching.She put the dolls together from a kit and made the dresses from pre printed doll dresses.

 It is very rewarding to help her learn to sew.
Hope you all have a great week j.


Karen said...

The log cabin quilt would be good for my bedroom. It is blue and white. I like your quilt.

Karen Martinsen said...

Goodness what a busy gal you are!
Love the quilt for your bed and the other toppers are gorgeous.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Love your projects especially your gorgeous Log Cabin Quilt! :)