August 20, 2013

Shopping finds.

After the guys got the new doors in the sewing room I did some rearranging and a lot of cleaning.My fabric will never be neat and tidy like some I have seen. I dig around in it to much.But it is all on shelves now and what I can see I use. My tread mill is still in this room.I hope that will be an  incentive to use it.

The new doors are wonderful.They let in a lot of light and it is nice to just sit and watch the birds. We made a small patio out the east side.I added a couple of chairs and some plants.I'll share pictures after I am finished decorating out there.

We had a great 4 days at Little Wall Lake. We went to the antique mall in Story City Ia. I found a few treasures. A tiny walking doll,a nine patch doll quilt,a doll mirror,a pair of wexford candle sticks,a sewing kit,a pair of baby shoes and a God bless America pin. I also got a 3 tired shelf but it is still in the back of the car so no picture yet.

We then went to a new fabric shop in Jewel.Sew bee quilt shop. It was worth the trip. Orange and green fabrics to add to my stash.A sunbonnet Sue stencil.We will be going back there for sure. Have a great week.j

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Simply Shelley said...

What great the sweet doll. I think your sewing room is wonderful...blessings