July 6, 2013

Pond redo 2011

I have been asked to post pictures of the pond.The first picture is how it was.It was good but had no place to sit to watch the fish.Mr.T. didn't like the way I did the limestone and thought we needed the stacked blocks.

 Along the side of the house to the pond.We took out the berm and hauled away all the dirt from when I dug the pond.It is now the flat area you see where the heart is.Thw metal bench is now a perfect place to sit.
 Pedestal sink covered with hypertufa.The ball on top I made with 2 plastic bowls.Taped them together.Put a hole in the top poured in the tyfa.Poked a wooden dowel in and kept turning so it did not seize up.Ran the hose through the ball and the water trickles down over the ball
 Hypertufa spillway.The black pot is the bio filter.Plants clean the water. I took the pictures after a rain.Water was a bit cloudy.

Hypertufa leaves and hypertufa 2 1/2 ft. planter set in the pond.


Elizabeth Winchenbach said...


Beautiful pond and yard. Did you make the bio filter and if so could you please share how you did it?

Thanks for a beautiful blog


Hardin County Keepsakes said...

The Bio filter is just a tub we bought at the Theisens supply.We drilled a hole in it and added a piece of plastic pipe the right length to reach the spillway.The big peace lily is what filters the water. The water is pumped into the tub from a sump pump we use. I use the same set up in the tanks in the greenhouse in where we winter the fish. You can do a search for bio filter or veggie filter. That is where i first saw the idea. There are more elaborate set ups but this one works for us.

Elizabeth Winchenbach said...

Thanks. Right now I have a tub with nylon scrubbies in it. This looks better

Nicole Martin said...

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