May 7, 2013

Birds and blooms

Iowa. Snow on the ground in the morning and mowed in the afternoon.
The birds are back and some I have not seen before.

 The dove is such a soft color looks like velvet.

A robin is trying to build a nest on a drain pipe.It is a really messy nest in not a good place.We will see if she succeeds.


My 1st fern peony has 4 buds this year.

 The tulips and daffodils did not freeze off this year. Just starting to bloom.
This 2nd tiny fern peony was a root I found and planted. It has been a struggle but this year it is growing.I think spring might be here. We can hope. j



Anonymous said...

You have some great photos of birds. I had never heard of a fern peony, but I googled them after seeing your picture. Now I want one!

Dana Stokes said...

I love the little people made of teapots you have at the top of your page! Do you have any better pictures or instructions on how they were made? They are just ADORABLE! :-)