March 13, 2013

Boys and snow.Something green/more little quilts

No matter the age 7 or 67 boys love the snow.The days are going by so fast. Soon it will be time to garden.

Speaking of garden. The geraniums and tomato plants are looking good.

 A few weeks ago I replanted my shamrock plant.It was sad.Only 3 leaves.
 Look at it now just in time for St.Patty's day.

A few things I worked on this last week. Thought I'd share. The first one was an idea I got from the Missouri Quilt Company video. The 4 farm mug rugs were a panel I cut apart. The last one was an unfinished piece of my mother in laws. I like doing the binding the most of making quilts. So I spent a few evenings doing the bindings. I have run out of projects so it is time to do some cutting for more little quilts.
Hope you are all happy and healthy.j

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