February 1, 2013

Dish drying matte/American girl doll pinafore

 The last month has been mild. No snow until this last week. We had much needed rain.Not a lot but we will take all we can get. There were 2 days of ice,then the snow.
 Ice on the screen.Mother nature is beautiful and dangerous.
 This week I was going through fabric scraps and sewn pieces that were never finished.The one with the hearts was a piece I sewed together before I knew how to sew.Well----- I knew how to sew just not quilts. The piece was really wonky as you can see. It was straight pieces(like the 2nd matt) I cut into  2 inches strips and put them together as you see them now. Squares do not match but it works for me. It is a dish drying matt. Something pretty to lay on the counter when dishes come out of the dish washer not quite dry. Both have a piece of towel sewn to the back. One for the kitchen and one for the camper.

I also made a pinafore for an American girl doll. It was a challenge on one of the yahoo doll groups.Weather man says warmer temps start tomorrow. Good thing cause Super bowl Sunday sale at the local fabric store !!!Hope you all have a great weekend.j
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brandi said...

That is such a good idea. I have scrap quilt blocks like that, too, and old towels that be great for this project. I guess I could make trivets and hot pads, too. Thank you for sharing!