December 31, 2012

Happy New year

To all my friends. 2012 started off good with family here.They had to work today so we celebrated yesterday. Here is cam from 2012.From the clan.Learning to sew.Making a choc.pie,surfing the web,Opening presents. 3 of the MN. clan. Miss the 4th member She had to work. She got married on the 28th.No fan fare just married.. She called to tell me. They will have a celebration wedding in the fall. I admire that they married instead of living together.Not that there is anything wrong for some to do that. But it makes me happy to know they made that choice. The last picture is their prom picture in 2011. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs.Lewandoski.

My wish for you is a Happy and Healthy 2013.j

December 27, 2012


The first 3 pictures are the trees in the sewing room. They will stay up for a while. Maybe all year. Christmas all year long is a good idea.
 The last pictures are the trees outside.We took the real tree out on the front porch. It was so pretty we left the lights on it. The blue lighted tree is on the screen porch. Mr.T's favorite. The MN kids are coming this weekend. Looking forward to seeing them.  Cam has been with us a couple of days  Fun . Hope you all have a great new year.j
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December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all my blogging friends. j

December 22, 2012

Some of my favorite things.

These are a few of my favorite things.Christmas lights especially bubble lights..
Christmas Mass
Real Christmas trees.
This Christmas card.
 Dolls and poinsettias.
Hand made ornaments and candles.
My dog Boone.
Blooming begonias.
Our Christmas tree topper from 1965.
The tree in my sewing room all buttons ,rick rack and sewing stuff.Just a few more sleeps before the special day is here.Happy Birthday Jesus. j
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December 17, 2012

Santa tree

First of all, I got a new pc and lost all my addresses.So would Vicki,Carol,Kay and anyone else I know I need you to send me an e-mail with your e addresses.

I am on the lap top with no picture program. Mr.T is working on getting a picture program up and running on the new pc.

I took a few pictures of one of my trees .It stays up the shortest time because it is santas. Some vintage,some new.

 I have been working on a bear order and do not have all my decorations out. No matter I will bring out some after Christmas for the rest of winter.

The bears were a challenge. Mink coat make beautiful bears but it is really messy. It took hours to cut them out. You have to cut the skin without cutting the fur.

This was the most beautiful mink I have seen. Not that I have seem many but a few. There are 4 fur bears,2 made from a denim shirt and 2 from men's vests.I used vintage shoe/spats shank buttons for the eyes on the last 4.It totally made the bear face.
I am glad they are done and hope the new owner is pleased. Till later j
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December 7, 2012

The reason for the season

I am blogging on my lap top.Wow I can even download pictures.Didn't think it would work so I am not going to miss out blogging.
Over the years I have acquired nativities.One large that is on the porch.This is about 2 feet across.It is heavy plaster pieces I and Rita painted years ago. Those that want to make this a happy holidays miss the point of  CHRISTmas. It is the reason for the holiday weather you are a believer or not. Without Christmas there would be no reason for this holiday and all the belivers and non beliver's would not have days off,or get over time for working on the day. So stop complaining when someone wishes you a merry Christmas and enjoy.


The smaller table top set is one my mom gave me .I found the perfect stable I think at Carol Ann's 2nd hand store a few years ago.

These are the ones I keep in the cupboard year round. 

One more is painted,just the baby and animals. So sweet.I need to find a frame to fit it.Hard to find just the right size round frame.

I changed out a couple of lamp shades for the season.

  At Carol Ann's this week I found a few treasures. I have not made a Christmas little quilt yet so I bought this one instead of stressing my self.The kissing frog(for the pond), the doily (on a table top) and the little hat (on a metal head doll) all have new found spots in our home.
The bunnies from goodwill are just precious.Good for any time of year.
 I remember Marilyn Rutzen making old quilt angels like this one many years ago.I didn't NEED any of these things but NEED has nothing to do with it.
 I know how much it takes to make a bear.I am making bears from a mink coat and it is very time consuming. I saw the jean bear a few weeks ago and thought it was sold as I didn't see it any where then there it was wanting some one to bring it home.
 Every year I buy myself small poinsettias.Three this year in 4 inch pots fit perfectly in this basket Just the right size!The are a beautiful red the light was not right but you see how beautiful they are.Have a great weekend.j

Computer full.

It will be a bit before I post pictures to the blog.I have had the pc for 6 years and it is full.I am getting a new pc but it will take time to install all the things I need for posting.
Have a Merry Christmas.j

December 4, 2012

Re purposed Lite Project

Today I decided to play. I had 3 old boxes to choose from. Decided on the box with the lid. It seemed to be the right fit.
There are several pictures of the supplies I thought I might need.

I filled the box with floral foam. I put the green moss to soak. Green moss is so much better than the dry sheet moss. Once it is wet  you squeeze the water out and spread it over the foam. When making arrangements for sale I pinned the moss on with greening pins.

The light was a bit to short so I glued a glass votive to the bottom. E 6000 is good for lots of projects. I thought I took enough pictures but did not take of the moss covering the floral foam.

I then cut apart the old prim Christmas tree and other greens I had on hand.

Did you ever make cinnamon ornaments? Years ago I did and they were on the old prim tree,and there was a cinnamon garland.  There  were old faded fabric bows,birds and pears on the tree.The theme of the old tree was --------you guessed it partridge in a pear tree. Only I only had cardinals. I dusted everything off and used it all.

When placing the greens there is no right or wrong.What is pleasing to the eye works for me. A little height in the back --off set the light. I try to place things in 3's forming a triangle  and fill. You cam see what I mean with the burlap/seed ornaments I used.
Some like more some like less. What I had was just right.
I also added some mini cookie cutters to this arrangement along with the garland..
The pictures show the process. Everything I used I had on hand. Shopped in my basement again.

This is what I miss not working in a floral shop.Creating every day was so much fun. There was always a bit of pressure. Creating for myself is much better.

The perfect spot is on my Hoosier cupboard on the screen porch. I can see it from the dining room.
Links at the bottom of the pictures stop by and visit them.Lots to see.