December 4, 2012

Re purposed Lite Project

Today I decided to play. I had 3 old boxes to choose from. Decided on the box with the lid. It seemed to be the right fit.
There are several pictures of the supplies I thought I might need.

I filled the box with floral foam. I put the green moss to soak. Green moss is so much better than the dry sheet moss. Once it is wet  you squeeze the water out and spread it over the foam. When making arrangements for sale I pinned the moss on with greening pins.

The light was a bit to short so I glued a glass votive to the bottom. E 6000 is good for lots of projects. I thought I took enough pictures but did not take of the moss covering the floral foam.

I then cut apart the old prim Christmas tree and other greens I had on hand.

Did you ever make cinnamon ornaments? Years ago I did and they were on the old prim tree,and there was a cinnamon garland.  There  were old faded fabric bows,birds and pears on the tree.The theme of the old tree was --------you guessed it partridge in a pear tree. Only I only had cardinals. I dusted everything off and used it all.

When placing the greens there is no right or wrong.What is pleasing to the eye works for me. A little height in the back --off set the light. I try to place things in 3's forming a triangle  and fill. You cam see what I mean with the burlap/seed ornaments I used.
Some like more some like less. What I had was just right.
I also added some mini cookie cutters to this arrangement along with the garland..
The pictures show the process. Everything I used I had on hand. Shopped in my basement again.

This is what I miss not working in a floral shop.Creating every day was so much fun. There was always a bit of pressure. Creating for myself is much better.

The perfect spot is on my Hoosier cupboard on the screen porch. I can see it from the dining room.
Links at the bottom of the pictures stop by and visit them.Lots to see.

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