July 31, 2012

Gardens the good and the bad

 The weather here has been unlike any I remember. The drought has taken its tole on a lot of things,including my hosta garden. As you can see in June they were beautiful. Watering was not an option. Gardens way to big,cost way to high.
Today they need to be cut back and wait for a new year. I do not want to hurry the time but will be very glad when cool weather is here.
link to  http://www.tootsietime.com/2012/08/fertilizer-friday-flaunt-your-flowers.html

July 29, 2012

2 post in one day

I was going through pictures and see I missed posting about the flight breakfast.On the way we came upon a very large bird in the road. it flew up as we got beside it but went to a fence post where I got a really great picture of it.
The breakfast was good as usual.

Rag doll/quilts.

I have been busy sewing.
I made several table runners,mug rugs and pin cushions for a new shop that has opened in Iowa Falls. I forgot to take pictures. DANG I hate that. I can show you one thing.
I did remember to take a picture of the raggedy doll I made.
It has been a while since I made a doll.
 I treated my self to a new rug for the kitchen. Funny how something like that can boost your spirits.Not my normal style but it caught my eye and looks good.

 I got to visit the 2nd store again. My lucky day .I got 2 quilt tops and 35 blocks. Looks like feed sack fabric.Hand stitched.

There is a group that are making hexagons for a small quilt.I have started. One flower done. 5 to go.

We had a nice rain yesterday and last night. Too late for a lot of the field crops. Too late for my hosta gardens. They look worse than last year. I think it is time to down size the beds. Put them back to grass. The trees that shaded the hosta are gone. Leaves too much sun for the hosta. They were beautiful this spring.

 Looks like a busy week ahead. Mr.T. and his very good friend Larry are on the last side of the house.They are siding.It looks fantastic.Can't wait to share pictures.
It is a true friend that shows up everyday to help out. Thanks Larry and thanks to his wife for letting him be gone so much.
Have a great week.j

July 12, 2012

2nd hand store shopping.

What is more fun than going to your favorite 2nd hand stores. I found great things at Carol Ann's AGAIN.

An Americana cookie jar, A brand new light fixture for the newly sided house,(well it isn't done but soon.),spindles for pin cushion bases, a bag of knobs for the base cupboards and glass jars. At another store I found 2 shelves, a wicker and metal paper holder,(will work great for pattern books),a picture frame for a quilt block,a jar candle topper, a crock and a mug with feet wait till you see what I do with that. It has been way too long since I got to 2nd hand shop. Hi Carol it was good to see you.j

July 10, 2012

Cleaning sewing rooms

The last couple of days I have been cleaning my sewing room. I had several totes in the basement full of fabrics. It was like shopping in my own house. My sewing room will never be in a magazine.I so enjoy being in that room surrounded with the things I love. It is a work in progress.  The cutting table is a small crib.We modified it by adding to the legs to make the top at a comfortable height. It has great storage.

My stack of old suit cases is perfect for my wool felt. What a nice feeling to get things in order. Time to sew!Have a great week.j

July 3, 2012

Happy Birthday USA

I love Americana. I have decorated with it for a lot of years. It never goes out of style. Here are just a few pictures of some of the touches of Americana inside and outside our home. We have been busy. The siding is coming along. The high temps and high humidity is putting a halt to work outside the last couple of weeks. Hope you are keeping cool. Prayers for those that have lost homes due to the fires and high temps.
Prayers for those military where ever they are.j
link to  http://commonground-debrasvintagedesigns.blogspot.com/