December 5, 2011

Decorating with poinsettias

Working as a florist/greenhouse owner for years I have a true love of the poinsettia.
They add color to the dark days of winter. This year there is a challenge by
To decorate with poinsettias.

I have the small table size and a couple of larger 8 inch pot size. There are so many ways to display.
One is by the tree on the type writer box.I put them in the 100 year old hand made wooden basket.

Next I put this years poinsettias together in a basket with the one I kept from last year. It has not turned color but I like it just the same.
I stuck in a Santa painted on a piece of drift wood.

A small poinsettia in a pail on the hutch displaying my Christmas dishes.

Another double metal holder of mini poinsettias.I love the minis.

On the shelf above the breakfast bar.

In my star basket in the computer room.

Last I moved the star by one of my small trees with one of my Maggie Joy dolls.

After all toys are part of Christmas.j


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

the Christmas spirit is beautifully displayed in your home. Your poinsettias are gorgeous and each one in great containers. I received an amaryllis for Thanksgiving and hadn't planned on potting it until mid month thinking I would have it bloom for Valentines. I put the box in an out of the way place. Today as I was cleaning I saw the stalk had poked its way out of the box about 4 inches....LOL. I went ahead and potted it up. Have a merry merry Christmas. ~ Lynn said...

Beautiful! They look perfect everwhere you put them! They really do spell Christmas!