October 9, 2011

Beautiful day

It has been a wonderful day. I decided to take a few pictures to share here. Blue skies and white fluffy clouds.

Nice breeze. Everything good except the no seeums. They are biting.
My tomato plants did very well this year even with a lack of water the last month or so.

The grape tomato, the red and yellow cherry plants had hundreds of tomatoes.

The barberry bush is turning a bright red.

The Japanese Maple looked very healthy.

Mr. T has been working on the greenhouse repair and finished the door today. The greenhouse is in the patio area south an to the right of the main house and fence you see in this picture.

This small space gives me much joy in the winter. The fish live in a tank in the winter.Thanks Mr. T for the repair job.

We will be headed to Rochester this week. Pray they find the cause of my problems.I am better but need to know the cause. Have a great week.j

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