July 2, 2011

new peas and potatoes

There is nothing better than new peas and potatoes.This week my friend Carol gave us peas.Enough for me to freeze 4 2 cup bags and a large pan of peas and potatoes.
I looked up recipes for white sauce.I have one I have always used from the Betty Crocker cook book but though I would like something a little different.

shell 2 cups of peas. cook in a little water until tender. Drain
 wash 24 small potatoes boil until tender. Drain

1/2 stick of margarine
1/2 large onion chopped fine
3 tablespoons all purpose flour
one cup whipping cream
1 cup milk
3 stripes cooked crumbled bacon (I fried up ahead of time)
melt margarine saute onions, add flour stir in cream add milk as needed may not need it all.stir until thick
add peas.Add sauce to potatoes,stir.
Frozen peas may be used.

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Plain-n-Simple! said...

Yummm always my favorite ...new potatoes and peas please! : D