December 4, 2010

Christmas decorating

I have started with the decorations. I may not do as much as years past but time will tell.The first tree had to have the lights replaced so everything came off. Kind of nice to refresh once in a while. I store the trees in a closet so they are not taken apart each year. Except for the live tree.
This tree is one that has all hand made natural decorations. Beeswax candles, corn husk dolls, painted pine cones, nut stars,and acorns. It is a five foot tree.
The buffet, with the new shelf above, is in the computer room.I see it every morning and wanted things that remind me of Christmas Past.
There is the round candle my mom made many years ago.The neighbor ladies got together to make Christmas candles.They poured the centers then whipped the wax to frost the outside. I always loved that candle and a few years ago it was going to be thrown out. Not on my watch!
It comes out each year and reminds me of the fun Christmases of my childhood. Next is the Santa candle.Bought in 1964,-- one of the first Christmas decorations we had along with bubble lights and a tree topper.

The book brings back such great memories of the kids rubbing the fuzzy parts of the book,as I read each page, until the fuzz is almost gone.

Also on the buffet top are a few of my tree collection. I love this time of the year. Have a great weekend.j

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Honey at 2805 said...

Pretty decor! I agree with you, Maxine and Thomas Jefferson and have just become a follower. Hope you will have a chance to stop by and follow me too.