April 2, 2009

Gourds/Gourd Doll

I was asked to give a talk on gourds to the local garden club.I am a member and the program was to be given by someone else on making gourd bird houses.I have been doing things with gourds for over 10 years.I grew gourds,only, one year. they grew up onto the trellis at the end of the porch. This was before we put on the porch roof, it had lattice work then. The gourds grew up and over the top.They looked like alien pods hanging down through the lattice.It was a fun project.I did buy gourds after that. I do not have enough room to grow all the varieties I wanted.Friends of ours grew some bushel basket gourds in an old cattle yard and they had beautiful gourds.Many are now,hanging in my back porch waiting for me to do yet another project.I did wash several for the demonstration. Of course I had to have dolls in the presentation.The sitting doll in the picture was made by my friend Kate. The doll has a gourd head. The other doll made by Kate is holding a small gourd.The plant is sitting in a gourd planter.The snowman and santa are nite lights.

The weeks seem to fly by.1/4 of 2009 is already gone by.So many things to do. The tulips are up.I hope they do not freeze off like they did last year.The morning doves are here along with lots more robins.
enough blogging time for supper.

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