April 30, 2009

believing some things are just meant to be.Rialta

Did you ever have something happen that you think wow.
On tues. I got my hair cut.My beautician and I were talking about her days off and about where they were going in their motor home.I told her we had been looking for a small one to take on weekends and to drive to Florida for our grandson's graduation.Jan said I think my husband knows of a couple of motor homes for sale.To make this a short story we called the owner went to look at it, made an offer and will finialize the deal soon.All in 2 days.We had planned on taking Amtrack.We love the train but this happened as if it was meant to be.It was not a hard decesion to make but it was still stressful.I don't know about you all -----but spending a lot of money always gives me a stomach ache no matter how old I get.
The Rialta is going to nice when we go to visit our girls families.We will be there but still have our own bed and privacy.I am the worst travelor.That said maybe this will help me to be better at being away from home.This next trip will be a make or break.Stay tuned after our long trip I will let you know if we have a motor home for sale.

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