August 17, 2018

Hi to you all.

I have not been on for a while again. Life is at a slow pace. I have lots of ideas but no follow through. The hot humid weather does it to me each year. I am truly ready for fall. I have posted many things I like on my pinterest pages. Have a look. One of my favorites this time a year is All things pumpkin. Lots of fall ideas. j

July 11, 2018

Wow it has been a long time since I posted to my blog. Not sure anyone is still looking. Life has been ever changing and not always what we want. Losing Tom after 55 years has been an adjustment that is the hardest thing I have ever had in my life. I continue on doing everyday things that are necessary. It has only been in the last month that I really WANT to do anything. Unfortunately I twisted my back/leg and can't do the things outside I need to do. Hiring people to do those things has been a challenge. I get someone then they find another more permeant job and I have to search again. I am grateful for those that have helped me out and glad for them but at 72 I can not do all I want to do. My 4 legged children keep me going each day. I enjoy my flowers and spend way to much time on the computer. So go my days. Pray good things for you all. j

June 8, 2018

So much going on there seems to be no tie to blog. The work on the area between the garage and the shop is cleaned out. The block is laid.Makes a nice walkway. I am adding pots of flowers. it will be an ongoing project. All the flowers are planted for the patios, deck and yard. I am still looking for someone to take away the dirt in the old spot. Still have the garden shed to clean out. Hosta garden needs a good wack. So much to do. Today the weather is perfect to work outside. I better get back to it.I will post pictures when I get more done.j

February 3, 2018

Not a lot going on here. Made a couple of doll dresses.Waiting for spring.j

December 18, 2017

Merry CHRISTmas 2017

Lots of pictures 2017 CHRISTmas.

prim porch decorations.

Tractor gift from son and his family. They bought it and the nativity in Poland.

nativity from Poland

the candle holder is the first decoration I bought after we married in 1964.I love it still.

cloth garland made by our oldest daughter when she was in grade school.

nativities were gifts the kids got at church.

no red truck with a tree but I have my PT cruiser.

New this year.

paper garland made by our youngest daughter when she was in grade school. She is a grandma now.

elf on a wreath/shelf

cushion covers and pillows made.

Prim tree handmade ornaments

I have had this for over 45 years.earned it by having a stanley party.

Hoping everyone has a Happy and a Merry CHRISTmas. j

December 15, 2017


It seem time goes by so much faster than it used to. I know it really does not.Maybe because I am older and things take me longer to do,not sure. I started decorating right after Thanksgiving. I am still decorating. I know I know how can it take that long? Well I got into the attic for decorations I have not had out for years. Some just a few years others many years. I love to decorate for Christmas and I really go over the top. Some say out of control but I decorate for me no one else. So many memories in those things packed away in boxes and totes. First 3 pictures are from years past. Last are from this year. Just a start .The outside tree is a fake tree this year. A beautiful tree I got for $5 at a thrift store.The big nativity is on the front porch.Too big for inside. The last is the corner by the front door. I will share inside pictures soon. Take care all have a very Happy and Merry Christmas. j

November 13, 2017

Good morning.

I have been thinking of the dolls again. I did do a witch this year 2017.Thought I'd share.She is one of the UFDs I have. She now keeps me company in the sewing room.

This is a stump doll I made for a pin cushion challenge.

November 4, 2017


Well fall is here. Most of my plants are done but the flowering cabbage is so pretty I thought I would share. I sure hope there are a few warm days in November. I would like to do the Christmas decorating outside in a bit warmer weather.

I finished a wall hanging . Jenny Dorne had a tutorial for a wall hanging that had a pumpkin cats and witches hats.I did just a pumpkin using 2 1/2 inch squares.j