February 12, 2022


 I enjoy making hearts

 I had made a memory tea cozy for a friend.

I used her mom's blouse as the memory item. 

I have been making hearts from scrap fabrics.

I had some of that blouse left over and put it with the other scraps and made some mug rugs and pin cushions. Memory gifts for other family members

February 10, 2022

Rolled doll

making the hand

 I have had making a rolled doll on my list for a while.

Today was the day. 

The one picture I did not take was the8x12, piece of feed sack rolled up tight.

 I loaded the pictures but you will have to start at the bottom as they did not load like I thought they would. 

All the fabric is tied on the rolled tube body/head

. I used raw wool for the head stuffing. 

I will add a basket once I get it made.

January 30, 2022

New rag dolls

I posted over on my other page more about the rag dolls.



December 15, 2021


 Hilde is her name.

Her wig is done. It was quite a process.

Her underclothes I did yesterday. I used the book, The dolls dressmaker by Venus Dodge.

The dress is to big I will take apart and cut smaller.

Her socks I bought at an Amish county store.

Her shoes I, recently, found at an antique store.

She is so cute in person. Makes me smile.

November 16, 2021

Maida face book group challenge, to make a doll quilt. 

I enjoyed making this coin quilt.  

I am also working on a doll. She is a wanna be Kathe Kruse. 

many steps to get to this stage. I have admired the dolls made by Kathy Krause for many years.

Because I will never have an original I am attempting to make a wanna be KK doll.
This is how she looks so far.

Years ago I bought some doll masks, for lack of a better word, off e-bay. 

On the back is says made in Briton.

Because it reminded me of the KK faces.
 I glued one onto a doll head/body from my MJ pattern.

My leg pattern----- is just sewn onto the bottom of the body like so many dolls. I wanted a movable leg on this doll.

I have looked for the wide hip pattern everywhere I could -------but no luck in finding how she did them.

 I wanted to be as close as possible what I think they look like.
This dolls hips are not wide but they are attached so she can sit or stand. The doll leg has a cardboard foot shape in the bottom then is stuffed very firmly.

The fabric covered washers were sewn to the leg holes on the body.. I then ran a heavy thread through the body from side to side. 

I attached the 2nd set of covered washers to the 1st set of washers using a long doll needle.

I had a button with the thread through the button tied very tight. I hot glued the thread ends to the button.

It was a chore but I ladder stitched the top of each leg to the cloth covered washer.

There is a tutorial I followed to do this step.  https://patternsall.blogspot.com/2019/09/how-to-attach-legs-to-soft-toy-for.html

Her toes and fingers are so cute.

I will share more as I get it done.

The back of the head needs to be built up. I will be using rigid wrap to make the back of the head, and paper clay to make it all smooth. I will also attach cloth ears. 

October 7, 2021


 Company coming for a couple of days. 

I should be doing a lot of other things but instead I am playing with a new sale item.I found this metal pitcher at Mernard's. I was not fond of the spring thing so I covered it up

There are a lot of possibilities for it throughout the year.

I don't have time right now to do much but this will work till I have more free time.I just pinned the felt pumpkin on the fabric.

A friend grows sweet annie. She shared some with me. Love the stuff. 

Time to go make up the guest beds.

September 24, 2021

 I have been doing a little of this and a little of that. Trying to get the garage set up for plants. The green house needs repair and is costly to heat so I will use one side of my double garage.

Night temp for tonight is 38 to cold for some of my hanging baskets.

I did an arrangement using dried sweet annie,

okra pods and bunny tail grass. Fun and smells good. I love zinnias and miss them through the winter.
Lots to do to get ready for the cold weather. Blessing on all.

April 14, 2021

 I have done some creating in the last few weeks.

This is Estelle. I bought a doll head from Dixie Redmond and a body pattern from Edyth O'Neill. 

The clothing ,2 dresses, under things, 2 bonnets and a wool cape and bonnet ,are all my patterns.

She is oil painted

I had forgotten how much I enjoy making doll clothes.


I finished a table topper from an on line mystery quilt pattern design by Kathleen Tracy.
I also finished a Bear, made from one of Tom's flannel shirts, for a grandsons birthday. 
Spring is on the way. Grass mowed for the first time, but the weather is chilly and very windy here in Iowa.

February 13, 2021

 Let me see if I can remember how to do this and post pictures.I have been making bears from Tom's old flannel shirts, leisure suit and his FFA jacket. So much fun to be sewing again.I will share more bears soon.