April 30, 2009


I have worked in the greenhouse floral business for 30 + years and flower beauty still amazes me.
When I was raking out my west flower bed i raked out a poor little tulip.It had 3 puny leaves and a tiny bud down in the leaves.I was going to throw it away but instead I brought it in and put it in a small bud vase.I took a picture of the poor tulip left in that bed.If i remember I will move the bulbs and give these poor guys a chance.
I will share with you something you may not know.Tulips keep growing in water.I found that out when working with cut flowers.I learned you take the tip of a sharp knife and pierce the stem just below the flower to keep it from growing in an arrangement.This puny tulip has been on my counter since a week ago wed.It has grown about 3/4 of an inch a day and now has color and it is beautiful.It is a small tulip but still a wonder.

I have a plant blooming in the shade garden but have no idea what it is.I planted it 2 years ago and it is spreading.It should be quite a show in another 2 years.

I have purchased the first 4 flats of annuals I will plant this year.It is a start.I am not a purple person.Don't care for the color in clothes or in my home but the purple petunias are my favorite petunia.they smell wonderful and are the only petunia I know of that has a scent.A large basket of petunias by your door is a great welcome.

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