April 2, 2009

100th post.FREE pattern

I was thinking for this 100th post that I would share a pattern I made a few years ago.A friend even put it into a pdf file for me but I can't figure out how to share it here.
If anyone reads this blog besides my friend Vicki, let me know if this works for you.I sent this to my dh computer and it seemed to work.It did not work on the blog.So I am going to post the whole thing here to see how it goes.Any questions just ask I will try to help.

pattern directions for bunny and scarecrow pin dolls.
scrapes of fabric for clothes
2 black seed beads

fiber fill
necessary supplies for sewing.I use a machine but it could be sewn by hand.

Layer 4 pieces of muslin fabric. This doll is not turned. The raw edges show
Trace pattern piece onto top piece of the 4 muslin pieces.
Stitch on the dotted line leaving bottom open for stuffing.
Stuff with fiber fill between the middle 2 layers.I use my hemostats.It takes very little fiber fill.
Stitch across the bottom on the dotted line.
Trim around bunny or scarecrow leaving 1/4 inch to fluff
Now you are going to cut through all 4 layers to make the frayed feet/legs and arms.Cut from the ends of the arm/legs to 1/4 inch of the stitch line,making 1/4 inch wide stripes.Tie each arm and leg with string to make the ankle and wrist.

The clothes are very basic with very little sewing.No hems raw edges showing.
The clothes measurements are on the pattern pieces.
Embellish with what ever you choose.I added bows and bits for patches on the scare cr
Faces can be drawn on or stitched if you like.
I used seed beads for the bunny eyes but just drew the scarecrow face on with

I have been putting off blogging because I needed to write up the pattern.It is interesting how involved, a really simple thing to make,can be.

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judyyak said...

it came through nice;y for me. they are cute I will be printing out to hopefully make them. thanks for sharing. judyyak