April 20, 2009

My sis found me the lamp(it was in an earlier post) and I found the perfect French country silk lampshade.The shade and everything else listed here were goodwill finds. The white goblets go with the other milk glass I have. The chair is perfect for the dolls. The 2 silver pieces in front is a gravy boat(not for sure ) that says this was stolen from the hotel fort Des Moines on the bottom. The other silver is a baby cup
The glass candle holders I will glue onto the gla
ss plate and fill with candles for the patio. I will add more candle holders as I find them. I will make a hanging planter for the patio kitchen out of the colander. The amber jar is a water jar. I need to find a big cork for it or maybe a wooden lid. the upside down metal thing(to the right) is a candle holder but i will put a garden globe on it. all for $14.50.
Friday i test drove 3 new cars.A dodge journey,a dodge caliber and a Chevy
Sat. we took a rode trip to St. Micheal Mn.I am the worst traveler. After driving the new cars--------- I have thought about it and see no reason to buy a new car when we are not going to take any long trips. 3 1/2 hours is about as long as I want to go so my PT cruiser will do just fine for that.The trip was to attend Hallie's conformation.She and another girl played amazing grace Hallie on the flute and her friend on the harp.It was beautiful and well done. The windows in the old church are beautiful.

I love being with them but really hate the trip there and back
home.We have to go to Florida soon for our grand son's graduation. We WILL! be taking the train.
Last week I made Joa
nna a bag for her birthday.My baby is 34 Yikes!

Today I feel like I ran a marathon.I am having a pajama day.The weather is dark and gloomy and it is really windy so no yard work today. Good thing because I do not think I am up to yard work.Hope your day is good.Thanks for stopping by. j

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Kath said...

Thanks so much for visitng my blog!
I clicked on your lamp shade pic to see it better, I love the fabric-when I made the pic larger, I can see you cabinets in the background?? Your Kitchen?
Love the cabinets!
You have a beautiful family!
I like that bag you made too!

Have a beautiful Thursday and a Happy weekend.