April 11, 2009

after pictures of side tables from Carol Ann's

It finally warmed up enough to be able to paint outside.The side tables are perfect.Just what I wanted them to be.I love it when a plan comes together hahahaha.For now the dolls are keeping me company.I will change them for other things when the mood strikes me.The drawers are just right for storing all my magazines.I am a magazine aholic.Yes I admit it and I very rarely get rid of one.To me they are like a reference book and yes I re read them often.

Yesterday I met my sister at the local Fareway parking lot to pick up a lamp she found for me.
We were standing there talking when what sounded like a cannon went off.Oh my goodness I can't imagine what a bomb sounds like,this was one car hitting another.We did not see the accident but believe the black car was headed the opposite way from what it is now.It was spun around. No one appeared to be hurt but I'll bet everyone of them will hurt all over today.

The lamp my sister found at a 2nd hand store was the Wexford glass I collect.I thought at first it was a decanter that someone had drilled and made into a lamp but when I compared it to the decanter I have I don't think it ever was anything but a lamp.Boy is it dirty.I will give it a good cleaning then set out to find a lamp shade to fit.That is always a problem.

When I went in to get my groceries a friend of mine was working.She is so sweet and makes me craft things.Because I make so many things people don't give me hand made things often.I treasure every handmade thing anyone has ever made for me.This friend went out to her car and brought me a cute Easter/spring bunny.it is made from a glove.
The card reads A garden glove bunny for a garden lover buddy.She loves to garden too.
Dominoes here tonight.The menu is home made chicken and noodles,mashed potatoes,steamed veg., fruit salad and ice cream and brownies for desert. I better get cookin!
I want to wish you all a very Happy Easter.
God bless

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