April 26, 2009

another redo small black table

Last Wed. was a beautiful day.I raked the hosta gardens, cleaned the the front porch,moved wicker out of the screened porch onto the front porch.it was a busy day and I have not been the same since.Too much in one day.I'm glad I got as much done as I did,there is still a lot more but this old body has been screaming at me for the last few days.The last thing I did that day was wash this little table and give it the first coat of paint.
Of course the weather turned hot and humid then wet and gloomy so the table is still waiting for the 2nd coat of paint and the glaze.I will get to it as soon as mother nature is smiling again.We are in a tornado watch right now. Mother nature is not happy.Those hot flashes always set her off. Some of us know how that is.

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