April 5, 2009

2nd hand store find,daffodils,forsythia egg tree

Friday I stopped at one of my favorite places.Carol Ann's second hand store.She sells new too but I stop for the used things.This time I found 2 side tables.Four drawers in each one.They were really beat up but I see potential.I sanded them and they are ready to paint and glaze.I need a place to store my magazines and these will do very well.
I also cut forsythia and lilac branches.They were in the bud stage.They are blooming and look so pretty and let me know spring is just about here.We had snow again but it will not stay.
Saturday we raked and sewed grass seed under the linden tree knowing it was going to rain and snow.Last year the aphids got on the leaves and whatever it was that dripped from the tree killed the grass.We should have new grass there in a couple of weeks.
I spent the day rearranging things.Doing a bit of decorating for spring.I treated myself to daffodils and an Easter lily.I put out the blue willow dishes to use and the milk glass. It is nice to have a change.The blue and white is so pretty.

The last time I was in Hobby Lobby i picked up the glass you see on the center of buffet.I think it is upside down but it worked really well as a dome for a nest with robin egg blue candy eggs.Remember I said I would find a use for the glass ashtray I found at goodwill last week.It is the base for the nest and dome.I love it when things just seem to work out.The peter rabbit planter was a gift last year from my boss at the flower shop.It is perfect for the daffodils.

The rule is if I bring home something I need to get rid of something.This week I did very well.I brought home the tables.I got rid of a blue plaid chair to my friend Mikki.She wanted a small sewing chair.I also gifted a medicine cabinet and a marble looking sink to folks that can use them in their house redo.well enough for now.Hope you all have a great week.

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