April 26, 2009

Tea Time

Yesterday(Saturday) was the annual tea fund raiser at our local library.I have attended these teas for several years.The library group does a fantastic job. Each year I am amazed at the presentations that local people give. Yesterday was no exception.
APRONS---Now how much can you really say about an apron.
Well a lovely lady named Kay was a font of information(I always wanted to say that)
She gave us a history on the apron.She has over 60 aprons in her collection. Some styles she had I had never seen before.Some brought back memories of Grandmas, moms and aunts.The uses for the apron are so much more than protecting ones clothes.Wiping off faces, gather eggs and garden produce,keeping arms warm,dusting furniture when unexpected company was at the door. So many things Kay talked abut gave those good memories.A couple were funny looked like pants.

The hand work on many was so beautiful and makes one think of the hours that it took to make these beautiful pieces.Aprons are making a come back with young people.It is good to see.
Many brought aprons and some shared small collections.I love aprons and have a small collection.I have 2 new patterns to make more aprons.They are on my To Do list.
The tables were beautifully done.The menu was fantastic. All the food was delicious.I found a site I shared with the librarian for making an apron favor.
Ours had a wonderful piece of chocolate in the pocket.

I forgot to take a before picture of my place setting.this was an after thought.

This was a very good day.

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Coleen said...

I wonder if she is the same lady that spoke at a show I was a vener at last year...Farm Chicks on Spokane...I have a few aprons tied togerher by the apron strings and hung them in my studio as a curtain....

Heart Hugs,