May 7, 2009


The rhubarb is up and we have had rhubarb/strawberry muffins and our most favorite----- rhubarb crunch.The trees are blooming.

I have been gardening for a very long time and last fall is the first year I have ever seen a peonies plant go to seed, this spring we have baby peonies. You can see the seed pod picture then the baby plants in the grass.I will dig them and pot them.It will be a few years before they will be ready to bloom.

The weeks seem to fly by.There are very few days left before we take our trip.I have made lists so I am hoping not to forget things.I have decided if I do we will just have to buy whatever I forget.I hate to leave my gardens at this time of year.I am also fearful of the rains causing water in our basement again this spring.See why I am a bad traveler?I really do not like to leave home.

I have been working on a doll challenge it is one of the most involved patterns I have ever done.It is a very large doll.I so want to share it with you all but pictures are not allowed until after the challenge is done.That is the 15 of May.I can say she is jointed.She is all cloth with some paper clay.She told me she wanted to be one thing but then changed her mind.I have not been possessed by a doll for a long time this one is waking me up at night with more ideas.It will be interesting to see what she is in the end.

Have a great weekend.

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