February 27, 2009

selling cloth dolls

I was going through floppy disk pictures today.Yep my first digital camera had floppy disks.It was a good camera still is.I just have a smaller nikon that I use more.
I took a lot of pictures with the sony.the floppies hold lots of memories of the cloth dolls I have made since 2002.That is when I took my first class with Susan Fosnot.I knew nothing of oil painting cloth dolls but,after seeing a Columbian doll, I knew I wanted to make the old style dolls.There are many doll makers I admire. Izannah Walker,Helen Pringle and Emma Adams just to name 3.The columbian won my heart and try as I might I never quite capture the look.It took me a few years to realize the only dolls I can paint are Judy J dolls and that is ok with me.
I think about Emma Adams and her doll making. i try to imagine how it was back then.What kinds of paints did they use. What did she think when her doll was chosen to travel the world?She must have been thrilled.I have never seen a Columbian in person but I save every picture I ever see online.


The dolls I paint take a lot of time. The pattern I use is one I have worked on for 20 years. Over the years it has developed into what i want in a cloth doll.
I am sharing all this because I wonder if other doll makers have as hard a time selling their dolls as I do.
The pictures I was looking at today are of some I have sold.I really wish I had not sold them but what they say about wishes and horses is ture. I know I will have to sell more to make room but it will be hard.These have been sold


Anonymous said...

Hello Hardin

I love what you do. The shape of the head and sweetness of your dolls!

All the best :)
Maria del Valle

Martha said...

Your dolls are the best! I wish I could make one like them, it is something I have wanted to do.
I can only think of maybe 5 of my Raggedy Ann dolls I wish I kept and one EFA!
Wishing you a great day,