February 25, 2009

computer/picasa pictures /good will finds make over

Oh my goodness but when this computer does not do what I want it to do--- it ruins my whole day.
Picasa has not been working right for a while so today we tried to uninstall and reinstall the program. Well it did not work! Major frustrations.Finally I got it.I have no idea how I did it but I did.When I stumble around on here long enough it seems things work out.I can not blog without the pictures.

I have wanted one of those great domes you see in all the decorating magazines.I checked the prices at hobby lobby and they were $50.00Not in my budget so I made my own.
At the local goodwill I found a glass bowl about the right shape.I then went looking for a knob.
Marbles were to small.All over Hobby Lobby I walked until A-Ha!there it was the perfect size.I have no idea what they are meant to be.Round knobs with letters on them so I picked the letter J and glued it to the bottom of the bowl.I have my glass dome for the cake plate I made out of an old milk glass vase and a plate.

I also found some great doll caps,a big bag of tatting and a bag of sewing things which included several pairs of small scissors.

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