February 5, 2009

home made chicken and noodles/a mystery

Did you ever wonder about how things are developed? I do. Like today when i was making noodles.
I have made them for as long as I have been married.
My children never ate a purchased noodle.

My mom taught me and her mom taught her.
So who started the whole thing? Who was it that thought *oh* well today I'll take an egg and mix it with ground grain and make something called a noodle?
I am making noodles, again today, for a group of 24. I made them yesterday too.
A friend of mine is head of the local Horizons group and is stuck with cooking for 48 people, for 9 weeks. 24 on Wed. night and 24 on Thurs. night so i volunteered to help her out this week.
My recipe is different than most as I do not add liquid.It is just eggs,flour and baking powder.
The secret to my good noodles is L.B.Jamison's soup base and a nice fat chicken.
This is not a diet food, nor a low fat food, but let me tell you it is one of the best meals you will ever have. My friends look forward to domino night when i make chicken and noodles.
Now think about all the things we eat.It is really amazing what people think up.

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