February 9, 2009

think spring

Today was a good day to work a little in the greenhouse.This space is not very big only 9'x18'.
In the winter it is my special space. I wish I was really good with word to express how the space makes me feel. Today i did some geranium cuttings. Geraniums are very tough. Last fall I pulled them up and threw them into a flat. They have been there all winter. No water, no soil just laying there waiting for me to do something with them. The cuttings will lay for a day or 2 so the ends can harden off then I will dip them in rooting powder and put them into flats of soil. The plats that have roots will be planted in pots,a little fertilizer, watered in and they will soon have flowers.Spring will be here one day soon. (I hope)
Without last years flooding I pray.

I found my Anthurium was blooming so i brought it in to the living room to enjoy. The leaves need to be polished.

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