February 7, 2009

a correction

My mom and i were talking about who I was making the noodles for.She asked me if I remembered who taught me to make noodles. I thought I did but I was mistaken. It was not my grandma Clark it was my grandpa Clark.Well in a round about way.He taught my mom and she taught me.
The story goes like this. Jess Clark,at 14, was not happy when his mother remarried so he struck out on his own.He became a cowboy. Actually he became the cook for the cowboys. According to my mom he told her the noodles were tough and he had to figure out how to make them tender.
His secret was baking powder. So that is the rest of the noodle story.
There was much more to my grandpa than most knew. He bought a livery stable in Lawton Ok. when he and grandma were young. He owned the only hearse for many miles. His hearse carried Geronimo to his grave. Grandma said that Geronimo's wife wanted to kill his horse because he died but the soldiers would not allow it. I so wish I had been closer to them when I was young. There are so many questions to ask.

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