February 1, 2009

little quilt top

Well it is together.There are people who enjoy making quilts.I have decided i am not one of them. It is because of the end results I *will* persevere.
I will not give up I will finish this doll quilt and i will do more little quilts. They are not going to get the best of me. Math is not something I excel in and quilt making involves a lot of math.
All the exact measuring and cutting is so time consuming I find it tedious.
Sitting at the sewing machine and stitching is a joy but the cutting just plain gives me a back ache.
Here is my first doll quilt.There will be more i am determined. Hopefully tomorrow i can get the back and binding on it. It is not as bright as the picture appears.

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Small Fox said...

I find drawing out my doll quilts on graph paper before I begin really helps me. Then, I can do the math on paper and write what size each piece should be right on the paper and then I don't forget. Also, I tend to make stuff up as I go along, so precise measurements go out the window!