March 3, 2009

goodwill finds

I love finding things at 2nd hand stores and goodwill.
Yesterday was one of those days.A very large free standing sewing box was one of the things from goodwill yesterday.
4 amber water glasses,2 small hand quilted Christmas wall hangings and a stack of resin scarecrow/pumpkins. Cost $ glass would cost that new. Oh how I live a bargain!!
My hand sewing things are in a very large basket by a chair in the living room. The sewing box is perfect for all I need there. A bit of dusting and old english and It will be like new.
The water glasses match the others I have collected to go with my pumpkin dishes.Perfect.I now have a set of 12. Last year I was fortunate to get a set of 6 from a gal on just in time for the festival of tables. I needed glasses to go with my dishes.
I did some research on the glasses and found they are circa 1929-1933 made in the USA called Jennette glass also know as Indiana glass also known as cubist.They are also called footed tumblers or water goblets.

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