February 16, 2009

cloth doll challenge

She got her face tonight. The picture I have of the Presbyterian doll is not a very good picture.I did the best I could with it as my inspiration.The pres. doll has a kind of piggy nose. The original doll makers were really good doll makers but not so good with painting the noses on the dolls. I tried to stay true to the style.
Oil painting a cloth dolls face is the best part of making a cloth doll. IMO. Well it is for me.
However trying to make a new doll look like an old doll is just not something I can do.In fact oil painting ANY cloth doll to look like someone elses doll is just NOT something I can do. All my dolls turn out to look like the only thing I can paint and that is Judith Ann dolls. Here she is and I did have fun painting her even if she looks nothing like the picture.
As soon as she is dry i will post the finished picture for now here is her face.I did add the pink eye dots after I took her picture. This pattern was fun to do and I thank Lucinda for making the pattern.

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