January 29, 2009

wool shoes

the doll i have been working on has new shoes.they are made from wool and i embroidered them with vines.the bonnet is also done.
the pillow i shared worked really well. it is just right for resting your fore arms.it takes the strain off the shoulders and neck.
there was talk on one of the yahoo lists about punctuation and spelling on e-mails and blogs. perhaps that is why no one reads my blog. i try always to have correct punctuation. i had never typed before getting a pc. so it is really hard for me to capitalize my words. sorry.----- i do well just to get the things into a blog. you know what they say about teaching old dogs new tricks.
it was a lot of former teachers that were having a problem with reading incorrectly written messages.
makes a person fearful of posting. oh well if you read this far then thanks for taking the time.


Carol said...

Your shoes are just darling! How do you go about knowing what size to cut the wool? I might like to try to make some for the dolls that I have!!

Small Fox said...

I have a friend who says that posting in all lower case makes her feel like she is "talking" in a quiet, calm voice -- much the opposite of typing in all caps. So, I wouldn't worry. ^_^