January 19, 2009

keeping an intention

i made no resolutions this year, instead i have good intentions.
the first is to complete some of my unfinished dolls. the first picture is of this group of dolls.
last spring we had a flood in the basement.2 feet of water came up the drains into my sewing rooms and we had a disaster. there was a basket of unfinished dolls that got wet.
i cleaned them and let them dry they are stained but people do that on purpose so i figure i better finish them.
the 2 in the back row with the painted faces are 2 of the first dolls i made using a sculpt i did.then i made a mold and made the paper clay faces. they are pre susan fosnot classes.they are pre internet. they are at least 10 years old and deserve arms and legs. oh my--- poor things.
the biggest doll has been repainted twice already and i am hoping the 3rd time is the charm.

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Debb said...

Just though I drop by and say hi.Nice to see youhavea blog.You have alot of dolls todo.Have fun.
love Debb