January 19, 2009

more unfinished dolls

there was another group of dolls that remain unfinished. today i gave them their flesh base coat.i will wait for the oil paint to dry then i will put on the faces.
i am going to try to take progress pictures on each doll. perhaps it will help some that are shy at painting faces.
each of these dolls has gone through a process. they are all cloth. with some they have helen pringles messy mix and gesso. others have a paper clay molded face over the cloth then messy mix and gesso. each was sanded smooth. the doll on the left had a course fabric over a molded face. i did not like the courseness of the stockingette i used so i covered that with a fine layer of paper clay. the stockingnette was like they used to use on dolls. it was too rough for an oil painted doll. she did have her face painted and will again.the doll on the right is another of my alabama dolls. the tiney one in the front is one of ike's dolls.

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