January 16, 2009

she is finished

the kit doll is done. she took longer than i thought.these cold days i just don't seem to have the git up and go.
she turned out very nice. i am happy with the repaint.the only thing i do not like is the way the head is attached to the body. i will do it different the next time.glueing the cotter pin in(according to directions) was a mistake i think.must not have been clear down in and so it left a little gap at the neck.the clothes are sewn on so no problem . i just know it is there and i am fussy when it comes to that sort of thing.
her hair is raw roving i made into a wig.
the lenci dolls i have studied on line have colorful felt clothes and side glancing eyes.
i made her clothes from felt and wool. the skirt of the dress is wool. i added ribbon and did some handwork on the collar and sleeves of the dress. she has on heavy socks.she has a pair of wooden clogs that are a wee bit big but she will wear them any way.


Carla said...

She turned out very pretty! Love the face.

Susie McMahon said...

Nice job! She looks fantastic - and very 'Lenci'.

Ani said...

Just beautiful! I love her face and clothes, you did an excellent job on her. Best, Ani