January 24, 2009

shopping trip

We went to Ames today. First time out of the county since before thanksgiving.Hobby Lobby had paint brushes 1/2 price.I always need good paint brushes and on sale is the only way I can afford the really good ones.I also added another shade of blue to my oil paints.
the gel medium and the modeling paste was not on sale and I needed to buy both.That set me back a bit.
well I added another thing to the list of things to do.A wonderful doll quilt book by Kathleen Tracy.
it is called American Doll Quilts.I can hardly wait to make my first little quilt. I am going to make a quilt to go with each of the mj dolls. One of the little quilts is called Strippy Triangles.
In the picture of the little quilt is one of Gail Wilsons dolls.
We did go to the book stores. I was sad that they no longer carry the doll magazines. I picked up the Country Living.there is a page on Christine Lafever. I am glad to see doll makers any where!
She does repo china type dolls.
We stopped at wal-mart for their french bread. I do not buy groceries in wal-mart except for the french bread we like it toasted and as french toast.Guess what we will have for sunday morning breakfast.
The black and decker store and Lowe's were among the other stops we made. It was a full day.

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