January 16, 2009

blooming plant

my amaryllis is blooming. it is beautiful. it will have 4 blooms.
it brings a touch of spring into the house during a really cold snap. i am more fortunate than most to have a small greenhouse attached to the family room. it is small but it is a space i can go into and lose hours. every morning i go to feed the pond gold fish. when they hear the door open they come to the surface of the tank waiting for the food. it is these small things that help me make it through the cold iowa winters. don't get me wrong there is no place i would rather be than iowa. it is our home and those of us that choose to live here know what the weather can bring in all the seasons. there is no place i have ever been that is more beautiful than iowa, as beautiful but no more beautiful. i have a couple of friends that really do not like winter in iowa, and complain a lot . i say make the best of where ever you are no matter where that is. it could be so much worse.

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