January 16, 2009

love of old dolls

i have a few friends that know how it is to really like the old style cloth dolls.
not the primitive ,dark with the grunge look that some like--- but the beautiful much loved old dolls. the doll makers of by gone days would be so surprised to find the dolls they made are still cherished.there is one modern day doll maker whose work i liked the instant i saw it in a magazine years ago. helen pringle is an amazing doll maker.i have only ever seen her dolls pictures, and have tried to emulate her style. most of my friends do not understand how it is that a flat face doll can have much appeal.my family does not understand either but my online friends do get it.
one is sherrie n of http://sympletymes.blogspot.com/
her blog is great fun for me to read and there is a lot of information there.
i love all sorts of dolls but the columbian and pringle dolls are one and 2 on my must have list.that will never happen but i can dream.
because it is not possible for me to own an original i make my own. the picture is of 2 of my dolls. maggie joy is the first of my own pattern design. mallory jennette is the latest one from the pattern. the process is long and one i enjoy very much.i do hope 2009 will be a year for more of the mj pattern dolls.

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