May 11, 2009


Well we tried out the new to us RV over the weekend.I have to say it was not great but not bad either.It was good to take it out because we found the axillary battery was not any good.That bothered me because we had a bad smell inside the RV. I ran the fan and it got a bit nippy in the night.I was worried we would not wake up so I did not sleep well.The storage is great and we have everything packed we need on wheels.Bedding,towels, pans, dishes etc all packed .Now we will just have to add bathroom bag,clothes and food.
I do not know how people take driving vacations.I become so exhausted my brain gets fuzzy.The stress of travel just does not seem worth it but because we want and need to see our kids and grand kids ---------so we will travel.I am hoping I will get over this and be able to enjoy the traveling.
Time is running out and there are many things that need to be done before we leave.
More garden needs to be planted the house needs to be cleaned,pets groomed, refrigerator cleaned out the list goes on and on.

The friends we went to visit are building a new home. She gave me a start of her mini iris.You would think I'd have them but do not.
Building a new home is really a challenge.All the choices to be made are really mind numbing.
I took 2 totes of fabric to Sharon, what she does not want she will hand on to some one else, so it will be used.
I am still working on the penny challenge doll only 5 days left to finish so it is priority today,well as soon as i get done on this pc.
till later judy

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