May 12, 2009

Beautiful spring flowers

I had forgotten I had a pink lilac bush.It is only a few years old and has not had many flowers until this year.It is beautiful and the flowers smell wonderful.The beauty God creates amazes me.Always.And we are so lucky here to be able to enjoy it.

Our little Maple is finally making some headway. It has been a struggle with this tree.

The garden gals are hiding in the bleeding heart cute.
the gal with the green hat has seen it all.brrrrrrrrr

I am still working on the penny doll challenge.She gets closer everyday.
I took her naked pictures so they can be sent in.Today I painted her flesh color,head and hands/arms.Her clothes are done.The details for her face will be tonight or tomorrow.I am not sure on the hair. I have lama hair I want to use but will have to see what she tells me when her face is on.Gosh I wish I could share her picture. Soon very soon.
take care
God Bless America

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