May 14, 2009

Beautiful trees / turning 63

I had another birthday today.It was my 63rd. It used to be, when I was young, I thought 63 was old.Funny how you change your mind when you are that age.If you are younger than 50 pay attention.The years fly by after 50----- At least they did for me.
I remember how upset my mother was that my grandmother was still working as a cook in a restaurant at 60. I reminded her of that when she was painting her 2 story house all by herself at 60. My mom is now 82-- soon to be 83. She is still doing all the things she has always done,including a garage sale next weekend.
I have much still to do in this life. I have a list of things to do before i die. I have checked off several.One was to learn to play the harmonica.I did learn one song I can play.Well on a good day it sounds like, Oh when the saints go marching in. I am thankful everyday for the ability to still do the things I want to do.There are lots more aches and pains and i move a lot slower than I used to but at the end of the day I usually get all done I had on my list,and if I don't I just know it will wait for me until I get to it.

Today my good friends Pat and Betty,took me to lunch.It was delicious as always at the Chung Garden restaurant.It is the best Chinese restaurant anywhere.So if you are ever in Iowa Falls Iowa be sure to have lunch.

The trees,this year, are the prettiest I can remember.

I painted the penny dolls face and it turned out quite good even if i do say so myself.The dead line is midnight the 15th.she still needs to get her hair and get dressed.
This was a good day.Hope yours was the same.

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Karen said...

Happy belated birthday!! Chinese is a wonderful birthday dinner!!!