March 20, 2009

My big mixer

Well it has been a few days since I posted.The other day I decided to make home made beef and noodles.I got out my trusty big Sunbeam mixer.It is one piece of kitchen equipment I can not be without.I am guessing to say it is over 25 years old and has been my right arm in cooking.It sits on the counter under an embrodired cover I made years ago.

I put in the eggs and flour turned on the mixer walked 2 steps away and the mixer stopped.YIKES!!
I unplugged it thinking i blew a fuse but no.It just would not run. I was prepared to put it to rest and buy a new mixer. I finished stirring the noodles up cut them and set them to dry.Cleaned up the mess and then looked closer at the mixer.Well the plug had come loose from the side of the mixer.HURAH!!It still works.I decided to mix up poppy seed bread I was so thrilled it was not broken.

We bought a new grill on Sunday. A stainless steal, cast iron burners covered side burner.It is not the one I wanted but the one in our budget.We grilled BBQ ribs last night.Served with
augratin potatoes and are you ready for this??? fried cabbage.I had not heard of fried cabbage before a friend told me about it last week.I just happened to have a very large head of cabbage. At the local grocery they sold cabbage before st. patties day for 1 penny.I can never pass up a bargain.This is a huge cabbage.
We like cabbage baked in with roast potato and carrots so I was going to fix that this week.
Let me tell you fried cabbage is really good.I browned 6 slices of bacon cut up into 1 inch pieces in a large cast iron skillet.Done on the new grill side burner.
I sliced the cabbage thin and added it to the bacon.I had about a half can of corn left over from the night before. I decided to use some of the corn juice and a few spoonfulls of the corn to add a bit of steam to the skillet.Folks let me tell you this is so good.It does not have a strong cabbage has a great texture.Hard to discribe the taste.Give it a try. Oh and the BBQ pork ribs were great.

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