March 4, 2009

metropolitan theater

Today was our monthly garden club meeting.Because there is little in the way of gardening to do we took a tour of our local theater.I used to work at the theater in the early 60's.It has been redone. The outside is as it was when it was built in the early 1900's. The pictures are of some things that were used form the old opera house.The top floor was a ball room. Laurence Welk played there early in his days. The large mural on the wall in the entry was in the theater up on the ceiling when I worked there. The people that did the remodel cut it up and threw it in a dumpster. a concerned citizen got it out of the dumpster and it was restored.if it had been preserved it would have been valued at one hundred thousand dollars. because it was not preserved whole it lost 40 thousand dollars in value. It is sad when people do not try to preserve the past. The original chandlers were sold. The small stain glass windows were coverd for years. I'm glad to see them used.When I worked there behind the big screen there were sale bills,on a large wall, from when the first preformers played again they were not preserved. Only a few servived. There are a few framed in the entry.
It was an enjoyable day

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