June 6, 2010

Pond update/weekend company.

We had a nice visit with our 2 daughters and families.
We went to the local Chinese restaurant for lunch on Sat. I have been taking the grands there since they could eat adult food.Used to be I ordered and they ate off my plate until all I got to eat was the broccoli. It is the best Chinese restaurant in the state of Iowa and maybe in the country.
The time is always too short with them.
They grow so fast. Sydney will fit me into her schedule but Hallie is 16 now and grandma camp is no longer the thing to do. I miss her visits.
Cameron will visit maybe in July. They all live hours away.Of course as you can see the grand dogs came to visit also.
Work on the pond went well today.I still have large rocks to add around the spillway.
Mr.T. hooked made my little fence and hooked up the old water pump.I love the sound of the water.Now I hear it from the front porch.I hear the falling water sound,from the big pond in the back yard, here in the computer room.

The small fish have grown a lot from the time I brought them out of the greenhouse.Some have double their size.Weeds always seem to grow the biggest and fastest.2 flower beds done 3 to go!
Have a great week.j

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Oklahoma Granny said...

Grands grow up way too fast - especially when they live hours away.

I'd like to have a waterfall someday.