June 28, 2010

Minnesota storms/girls visit/rag purses.

We headed out to take the girls home.We had planned to camp in Owatonna Mn.
We called to confirm the reservation only to find they had had so much rain that they thought our rv would sink and be stuck.
We called our friends who had built a new home we had not seen yet and so we invited ourselves to a visit.Well actually they had asked when we were coming for a visit.It was sooner than we all thought.
It was a very good thing we went to their house.The tornado's went right through Owatonna.
We were secure inside.At around 11:00 and went to the Rv to sleep.

Our friends new home is absolutely beautiful. The sewing rooms are perfect. The pantry off the kitchen is big with a counter big enough for all the small appliances.Shelves with room for all the canned foods you can possibly need.I really love that pantry.

The girls said they had a good week.Kendra was homesick several times but she toughed it out.
As you can see they spent time in front of the tv watching avatar.

They live in a city where they can not ride to the pool , the parks or the school playground alone.Not the case in small town Iowa.They went to all those places while they were here.
We went shopping a couple of times, out to eat a few times and did a few crafts. We made purse/bags out of rag rugs.

We stopped at the Mn. welcome sign.For this picture.Mr. T was not to keen on stopping along side of the road. States need to put a pull off by their signs for people like me who like to take pictures there.

I love to have them come but am tired from the camping trip.haha
Camping is supposed to be relaxing!

We are invited to a wedding on July 3rd. We can not attend.Ice cream freezers are the gift we give. I really hate to waste money on wrapping paper. A long time I came up with the idea to wrap the gift in a bath towel making the bow from 2 wash clothes. The cost for the gift wrapping is about the same as paper wrappings. The gifts wrappings are always a hit with the bride and groom.

Hope your week is a good one.j

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